Win an AMT DT-2 Distortion Pedal!


Do you want to win an AMT DT-2 DistStation? This is one of the most versatile distortion pedal ever built, that works equally well into an amp or straight into a mixer. Of course you want to win one! Read on...

How to Win:

Here's the deal: I have this distortion pedal, and I want you to get it. But I also want to give this pedal to someone who will use it, that means someone who actually can play the guitar. This is how you can prove me you are the right person:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter here. I need you to do that because I will need to stay in contact with you, to send you news about this competition and to announce the winner. My newsletter is 100% confidential and I will not give your email address to anyone.
  2. Once you receive the first issue of my newsletter (that should be few minutes after your subscription) go at the bottom of the email an download the TAB & backing track of the song "Crystallography" (the original is included in the .zip file of the backing tracks).
  3. Your task is to learn "Crystallography" well enough to play it at 80 BPM. The original song is played at 100 BPM, but the backing tracks are recorded also at different (slower) speed. Once you have learned the song,  record yourself playing it over the 80 BPM backing track and send me the mp3 before May 8th 2010 (see below for sending instructions).
  4. At May 9th 2010 I will listen to all the mp3's that I received, and I will select the best out of them. The winner will get the AMT DT-2 pedal. There will be other prizes and honorable mentions. I will announce the name of the winner in a newsletter issue a few days after.

The Fine Prints:

  • To decide the best recording, I will judge how clean you are (notes should be played clearly and with definition) and how "fluid" is your playing. I WON'T JUDGE YOUR SPEED (in fact I fixed it at 80 BPM). As every good player knows, it is more important to play well (clean, on time, consistent) rather than play fast.
  • Use a distorted sound when recording your guitar. Do not use delays or reverb or modulation effects on your guitar sound.
  • You can record your guitar using a program like Garage Band or Cubase or Logic, or you can simply put a microphone in your room and play along with the backing track. The recording quality should be good enough for me to hear you playing, of course.
  • I reserve the right to judge the best recording and my judgement will be final.
  • Send me the mp3 of your recording at guitaredmonton AT gmail DOT com (replace AT with @ and DOT with a dot). Please include the following information: You full name, your age, how many years ago you started playing, where do you live (I do not need a full address, just city state & country).
  • The winner will need to contact me after the proclamation and give me his/her address so that I can send him the pedal.
  • If you have any question regarding this competition, do not hesitate to contact me