Tom Hess Music Career Mentoring Program Review

It is not a mystery that I am a graduate of Tom Hess' Music Career Mentoring Program, and since many people asked me about it, I thought to write a Music Career Mentoring Program review so other people can benefit from that. You can find here a link to Tom Hess Music Career Mentoring Program page, so you can read first-hand information.

Let's start saying that the Music Career Mentoring Program is, without exaggeration, the single most important factor that allowed me to have a career in music. It covers everything from how to move in the music industry business, the correct mindset, time and finance management, down to the details on how to organize events, work in a group, or know how to approach a negotiation. It is not a short program - there are no silver bullets that will solve your problems in few minutes - and it's not an easy program - you have to put your work, time, and soul into it if you want to see results.

Yet, this program is an absolute necessity in this time when the face of music industry is changing. The competition is high between both indie and signed musicians, and it would be foolish to approach a music career now without the adequate preparation. Please don't get me wrong: I am not one of these types that will tell you that the music business is the hardest one on the planet, and such platitudes. Fact is, the music business is as hard as any other business, but definitely counter-intuitive given the barrage of disinformation we are subject to. With the right tools a musician can easily thrive.

One of the key concept in the Music Career Mentoring Program is the "win-win" mentality that really open doors in today's music scene. Too many musicians are set out with the mentality that they need to be signed with a label, but that "labels are evil". Well, the truth is that yo do not need to be signed with a label to begin with, but that labels can be a great business partner if you know how to relate with them. The key is to build a relationship where both parties will gain from - and I'm not only talking money here. Tom Hess will spend time explaining to you in detail what you should do and, more importantly, what you should NOT do. And believe me, you are going to be surprised

Another important aspect of the Music Career Mentoring Program is the "scalability": Tom Hess' advice will work for you whether you want to be an international rock star or a local studio musician. The advice is not generic at all - quite the contrary, it's very detailed. As you will discover if you take it, the principles taught are applicable at any scale, and they are definitely one of the best assets I bring with me in any music project I am involved with.

Long story short, if you have any aspiration as a musician, at any level, then I think that the Music Career Mentoring Program is a wise choice. I hope that this Tom Hess review was useful for you. I'll meet you on a stage. :-)