The Musician

I am a professional prog rock/metal guitarist and composer based in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I have 19 years of playing experience, on and off stage, both solo and with a variety of bands.

In 2009 I released, together with other 13 artists, the compilation CD "Under the Same Sky", distributed worldwide in 10.000 copies. I am regularly collaborating with local acting companies for musical theater productions, the most recent being ``the Rocky Horror Show'' in 2009 (with ``Vi Va Voom!'') and ``Hair'' in 2010 (with ``Patient Mango Theatre'').

I am the author of ``Sweeping Blues: 101 sweep picking licks for Blues guitar'', an innovative course that applies the cutting-edge technique of sweep picking to the grittiness and sincerity of Blues. I am also collaborating regularly as article writer with websites such as ultimate-guitar.com, cyberfret.com, metalguitarlessons.net, insaneguitar.com, guitar9.com, and MyGuitarWorkshop.com

I am a proud endorser of AMT Electronics, the best distortion pedals on the planet. My pedals of choice are the SS-20, the F1, and the DT-2.

Composing music is one of my loves, and right now I'm writing and recording material for my first full-length album (listen to some original songs here).

As a teacher I am holding the Guitar Results Intensive Program (GRIP) in Edmonton, AB as the main teacher and I am available for private and group lessons. I am graduate of the Tom Hess' Music Career Mentoring Program and is currently involved in the Tom Hess' Elite Guitar Teacher Inner Circle.

Among my favorite musician and influences are: Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Deine Lakaien, Litfiba, Nightwish, Astor Piazzolla, Hans Zimmer.

The Teacher

There is *nothing* that I love more than helping others reach their goals. I received a lot from my teachers and mentors, and I know how invaluable their help was in making me progress. I know it because I was in a pit of frustration before meeting them. I asked one of them how could I pay him back, because I felt such gratitude toward him, and his answer was "Do the same to the people who needs it". I am now absolutely committed to it - besides that, I love when the eyes of a student lighten up with understanding.

I have learned many things with the help of my teachers, but I've discovered that when the foundations are in place and your thoughts in order you can become a new source of knowledge. For instance I have developed a new organic system to remember scales and arpeggios with minimal effort (my article on minor modal scales is a small example from this system). I have initiated many students to this system, and all of them agree that this is by far the easiest and most flexible way to master the fretboard and create professional solo with ease.

My strategy for guitar lesson is to focus on your weaknesses and eliminate them, so that you can be empowered and become your own teacher in time. The more we will progress together, the more YOU will decide what you want to work on. Once the foundations are in place there is a word of sonic freedom to awaits you.

Your style, your sound, your personality is what matters to me. I'm here to help you become an independent, creative and successful musician.