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Hi, my name is Tommaso Zillio. I am a professional guitarist and teacher in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Here you will be able to listen to my music clips, read more about me, and find out about some of the services I provide, including: studio work, seminars and clinics, private and group guitar lessons, instructional programs, and all things guitar.

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Blues Players Attention:

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from Beginner to Advanced.

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"I wish it were secret so I could keep these great licks and ideas all to myself!" (Paul Tauterouff)

Are you a Blues player tired of the old "stock" Blues licks? Fall in love again with your instrument with this innovative approach to Blues guitar! Discover the "secret weapon" of players like Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Eric Johnson and Guthrie Govan.

By reading this book you will:

  • Learn how to modify "classical" arpeggios and make them sound Bluesy.
  • Learn how to avoid "kinks" in your solos by connecting scales and arpeggios seamlessly.
  • Learn how to use Repeating Licks and Exit Strategies to add emotion to a solo.
  • Discover why the pentatonic scale does not work on Turnarounds (variations of the Blues chord progression) and what to use instead.
  • Harness the melodic power of the Diminished and Superlocrian arpeggios for a modern Blues sound.

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Study Guitar with Tommaso

  • Your progress is too slow?
  • You want to boost your technique without sacrificing your personality and creativity?
  • You just don't seem to "get it right"?
  • You want to play and sound like a pro?

I can help you in the pursuit of YOUR musical goals. I'm offering lessons based on your current level and goals. YOU decide what musical results you want for yourself and I will show you how to reach them. Click Here for more information about my guitar lessons in Edmonton